design John McCusker

Enchanted @ School of Development

Enchanted features works that lure the viewer in with a teasing game, arousing irresistible fascination like the snare of a trap. They subvert the order of the reality they are a part of by mimicking, exceeding or inverting the appearance of the so-called real world. The artworks trap us within their restricted structures by imposing their own rules and their own logic. Through this trickery they lead the audience out of the universal system of meaning and value. This sudden break in reality creates the effect of enchantment.

We live today the promotion of good material nature — truer than true ; the process each artwork uses is the artifice of seduction — falser than false. They somehow gain an irony towards the true nature and reveal that “real” in-depth space is always potentially reversible.

We do not believe that the truth remains true once the veil has been lifted —Nietzsche in Nietzsche Contra Wagner.

Juliette Bonneviot

Harm Van den Dorpel, Normalization, 2009
Darri Lorenzen, Folds, circle on stage 1-7, 2009

Aids-3d, Logos, 2009
Aude Pariset, Parchment, 2008
Timur Si-Qin, Real Flow, 2010
Lorenzo Bernet, Till Forrer (in collaboration with Janosch Abel), Mood of our Peers 1-2 (Series), 2010

Alicja Kwade, Andere Bedingung (Aggregatzustand 6), 2009
Yngve Holen, Half Asleep to the 2010 Hot One Thousand and One, 2010
Lara Favaretto, Twistle, 2004

Jon Rafman, Woods of Arcady, 2010
Hayley Silverman, 1st Movement, 2009
Damon Zucconi, Presents Itself as the Problem, 2008

Maxwell Simmer, Venetian Plaster Sculptures, 2009
Juliette Bonneviot, Kline, 2010
Rodney McMillian, Untitled, 2004

Stephen Lichty, Shape Of Thought, Group movement exercise, with Sungeun Kim, Matthew Lutz-Kinoy and Tallulah Holly Massey, 2010